Yeah, after a long refusal to join Instagram, I have joined.  It’s been about a week, I see the appeal It’s fun.

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Mickey Mouse is as classic as a well tailored black blazer, as classic as a Chanel 2.55 bag…

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In my last post I talked about my journey and commitment to myself about working out and getting right and most of all getting it tight. I totally forgot to mention

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And no desire to be.

Actually no, I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit and healthy – muscular while keeping my womanly curves.

You’ve guessed it, I’m back on the fitness train and I can’t get off track this time no matter what. It isn’t about an outer appearance thing – it’s really the inside that counts.  Yes, of course we all want to work out to keep our bodies tight and sculpted. To look good in our clothes or completely naked (your choice, I like both options), whatever your reasons are – but I really care about keeping my cardiovascular system pumping, my heart healthy, muscles firm and lungs on point.

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Thank you Dime Piece for your new collection and thank you so fucking much for the Tokyo Bopper pant. They’re so beyond it’s kills me! Not only are these a fashion forward pant, but look at the comfort they’re exuding. I would probably pair the pant with a sheer white fitted sleeveless blouse and a tall tall heel. I feel that the pants could make one seem quite short, and since I’m a whopping 5’6″ I need to add all the height I can possibly get.


For a $112, these beat out high end luxury brand prices, plus hello! Dimepiece is a dope women’s contemporary streetwear line.





I walk a lot, wait I take that back I pretty much walk everywhere. With the exception of cabs and town cars but other than that, I mainly use my legs and feet for my main mode of transportation. So I really do enjoy flats, kitten heels, boots….anything that’s under a 3 inch heel because I walk. I am currently in the market for a crossbody bag, I thought I would check out Loeffler Randall to see what my options are there. Yes, there are beautiful, simple and chic crossbody bags but I also couldn’t help but notice some great treats for the feet.

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Before work on 02/15/2013. My new favorite colour! Dress is by Eliza J. Ankle booties (not shown) by Sam Edelman the Louie Fringe Bootie in Tan.

I don’t understand why people hate so much on selfies? First of all, I am no Kim K. of the selfies, and I never intend to be.  Why was the camera phone invented anyway? It was for sexting with images and selfies. Not for food, not for babies, puppies or anything else. Just nudes for sexting and selfies. Please feel the sarcasm.

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AltuzarraWhiteBlackFurCoat 360x540 NYFW: Altuzarra White Fur Autumn 2013

Currently on vacation.  So of course being that it’s the first day of relaxation and stress free days I naturally feel the need to update my resume, my profiles with the company that I currently am employed by and apply for positions within said company.  Not your ideal first day of vacation to-do list. Not MY ideal first day of vacation to-do list.  So of course after this mini therapeutic session is complete I felt that making the ‘rounds on my favorite blogs/sites would be necessary…

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Read R29? You see those illustration t-shirts? If you didn’t, I am sorry! I haven’t purchased a graphic t-shirt in a bazillion years, so when I saw the Refinery29 X Joana Avillez illustrator t-shirts I had to. I love Carine Rotifeld I find her to be absolutely intriguing, creative, innovative, stylish and perfect. I look up to Rotifeld.

Which t-shirt would you get?



Valentine’s Day, the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is ok, Thanksgiving is cool, Halloween is awesome but Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday’s favorite
holiday. I love the hearts, the gushing of emotions, the feeling of love in the air, Valentine’s Day manicures, chocolates, lingerie, champagne, romance. ALL DAT! However, I do believe in love gestures everyday than one day out of the year, consistency is key. To be honest I have never really been into Valentine’s Day too much, but there’s something a little different this year, something more special. I am in a relationship that sends my heart sailing into outer space. See, I told you that I love this sort of thing.

So with the feast of Saint Valentine two days away here’s a gift guide for all you last minute lovers:

Flowers, a V-Day staple. Don’t show up with grocery store flowers either, go big or gtfo.

Chocolates, a little something sweet for your sweetie. I prefer Fran’s.

Agent Provocateur.

Louboutin, walk your way right into my heart!

Sweet little trinkets from Locher’s Paris.