You know what? I’m not even trippin’, everything ended up working out just fine anyhow.

Party 1 tells Party 2 about what she thinks of Party 3. Party 2 then tells Party 3. Party 3, he calls out Party 1.

I told Party 2 that I think that Party 3 is hot.

Not that I needed her to tell him. I could have done it very well my damn self., I am very well adept of meeting men, showing interest and being able to superbly communicate my thoughts/feelings. Since this was our first official meeting I was planning on just chatting him up casually and seeing what he’s about, then I was going to get his number. Not him knowing right off the bat that Iā€™m interested. Oh well.

He called me out. Mind you, we are all sorts of fucked up, all in our mid to late 20’s. I get called out like some grade 7 punk. All worked out, he asked for my number. He’s hot, all tatted up, tall, has the hugest brown eyes, dashing smile and has great style.

Thanks for putting me on blast girl! And thanks for giving him my number.

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